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When thinking about narrowing down franchise categories., chances are, you'll be more successful if you plan to leverage previous work experience and/or your education.
One way to lessen the risk of failure is to focus on the recognized brands, or the established &/ or larger franchises over the new (emerging) ones.
When thinking about your budget/total investment, it's safe to assume you will find a reasonable correlation between investment level and potential net returns. (ie: The more you spend, the more you'll have a chance to earn.)
One way to decrease your risk is to consider what your town or community is obviously in need of and/or, business with little or no competition locally.
Thanks to the FTC and ifranchise regulations, and the mandatory Disclosure Documents (FDD) you secure from each franchisor, any other decision-critical info is most often found online. (You just need franchisors sites, objective sources/sites to cross-reference, curiosity and the time to organize & analyze data).
A way to increase your chances of success is to consider products/services you have a strong interest in, feel passionate about and/or are a satisfied consumer of already.
It's hard to argue the logic of buying a cash-flowing resale franchise in the case where the #1 main goal of the investor is to maximize ROI. (return on investment)