Hey Baby Boomers… Not Ready to Retire? Reinvent Yourself with Franchise Business Ownership!

It can be intimidating as you near retirement age to consider going on your own and owning your own business, but with a well-managed franchise system a break off could be the best decision you’ve ever made. Not only will it make you feel successful and accomplished, but a franchise can provide either a passive income or a way to occupy your time productively in your retirement. Mariel Miller, “The Franchise Advisor” with more than 25 years of experience, can help you set your business up to achieve you goals and aspirations in your golden years. Contact her at mariel@thefranchiseadvisor.com or call Mariel at 732-481-5188.

Grow Your Nest Egg

If your nest egg isn’t quite where you’d like it to be for retirement, you need to grow it. You might want to just invest in a business via a depot or broker (or “Depot oder Broker” as they say in Germany) and this can easily be done online. However, you might find that full business ownership could be the perfect way to dramatically increase your retirement savings. With a myriad of financing sources available, and franchisors approved through the SBA, boomers with little liquid capitol are still serious investors. Find out all the ways you can enjoy business ownership with a confidential consultation.

Semi–Absentee Ownership Sure Sounds Good!

Whether you want to be actively working in your business, or you’d like to have it nearly 100% on autopilot while you enjoy retirement, there are options inside franchising that can match your goals. With the help of a seasoned advisor, you will develop an ideal business vision and go to work exploring franchise concepts and matching them against your personal objectives.

Recover from Downsizing

Sometimes rather than choosing to quit your job and embark on an exciting journey, your company makes the decision for you. Being downsized may be the best thing that’s ever happened to you! With more than half your career behind you, you’ll have unique insights that will make you an savvy business owner. Part of creating your ideal business vision includes discussing your transferable skills and competencies. With a complete picture, including what you can invest and how quickly you need to see a return, we embark on a mission to find you the very best franchise concepts to evaluate. The best part is that our professional services are free of charge to you – similar to working with a realtor to purchase a house, if we do our job well, the franchise company pays our fees upon your being awarded the right business. Contact us today to find out more about our host of services and complimentary franchise business coaching and education.

Mariel Miller, founder of The Franchise Advisor has been in franchising since 1988. She works with integrity and transparency. She can be reached at mariel@thefranchiseadvisor.com or 732-481-5188.


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