Mariel Miller



Mariel has spent her professional career in franchising and is an enthusiastic proponent of entrepreneurship today. Her data-driven yet passionate approach with clients has kept her an award-winning consultant for over a decade.

Most notable, in 2019 Mariel was recognized in the top 1% of franchise experts in the country.

With 29+ years in the industry, she uses her rich background to provide complimentary services and insights to curious and serious candidates. Through her firm, The Franchise Advisor, Mariel conducts tailored, thorough searches in local markets to identify high-potential growth brands that fit the lifestyle and income goals of each client. She represents clients to franchise executives, and coaches them on all aspects of investing and owning a franchise, particularly, how to thoroughly vet and compare opportunities and learn what Best in Class brands have in common.

Mariel is sought out by professionals interested in exploring career/income replacement, as well as individuals, couples, and investment groups looking to build wealth through semi-passive and passive concepts. In recent years, Mariel began assisting professional athletes, veterans and other A-players in major transition wanting a sophisticated and efficient way to evaluate opportunities.


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