Wish You Could Improve Your Life?


If you were granted three wishes, let me guess what they may include…1. something about more money, 2. something about more free time and wonderful experiences and 3. Something, most likely , about perfect health.

Life’s  3 most prized possessions do not work without each other – You may have all the money you need, but could not enjoy life’s experiences without health. Or, you may be perfectly healthy but have no free time and your money is tied up paying bills. So, you see, we all strive for  a way to achieve this “Perfect Life TriFecta”…

Enter business ownership, and in particular, the best idea ever invented: Semi-Absentee Franchise Business Ownership!

This is our specialty, a business that requires less of you, enjoys strong ROI, and produces real equity and wealth. There are dozens of fantastic opportunities out there if you know where to look. Concepts with very satisfied franchisees, talented and committed franchisor leadership, and products/services in demand.

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Ever Wonder What the Neighbors are Doing?

Mrs Cravitz

My kids would ask every so often, while driving through a very affluent neighborhood…”What does that guy do for a lliving?” I always reply the same, “He probably owns his own business!” It’s true, business ownership is the way to real wealth and increasing your net worth. But its few and far between to find businesses making it from a home-grown idea. In todays competitive enviornment, people want a trusted name, a recognized brand and an experience they can count on.

Enter Franchising: offering consumers dependable products and services while offering investors systems and processes that are so fleshed out, new businesses ramp quickly and break even with speed!

To find out all you don’t know about franchise business ownership, contact The Franchise Advisor at 877-220-4214 or visitwww.TheFranchiseAdvisor.com. Our coaching and education is fun and free to curious potential-entreprenuers. Get your free “1st Time Franchise Buyers Guide” on the site.


Four Franchise Facts for You

  1. Did you know that franchise businesses generate $2.3 trillion in sales in the U.S. each year?
  2. Or that 41 cents of every retail dollar is spent at a franchise operation? (Especially impressive when you consider that fewer than five percent of all small businesses are franchised.)
  3. Or that there are more than 3,100 franchise concepts in the U.S., spanning 70 industries? and
  4. That a new franchise opens every 8 minutes of each business day…

There’s really no need to go out on your own and create a business from scratch, which is a very risky move considering the failure rates of start-up businesses. Luckily, through franchising, you can become a successful self-sufficient business person with all of the systems and processes worked out for you. You get to play to your strengths in the right one!

“Franchising is the champion of small business expansion worldwide,” says Steve Olson, publisher of Franchise Update Media Group. “Studies have shown that franchised businesses enjoy a success rate up to three times greater than independent businesses, because franchising provides greater business advantages, such as training and support, group purchasing power, advertising clout, and brand strength.”


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