Re–Engineering Retirement

Career Reinventions and the New Retirement Workscape

According to the latest retirement study by Merrill Lynch “Retirement used to mean the end of work. But now we’re at a tipping point: a majority of people will be continuing to work after they retire – often in new and different ways.

With the focus of financing retirements shifted onto retirees, it was thought that through new developing investment strategies such as property investment and digital currency trading (Bitcoin kaufen Sofortüberweisung as they would say overseas) that many could fund a comfortable retirement. Though with the recent economic climate, many are locked out of this option and have no choice but to continue working after they retire. Of course, most people will be entitled to some form of retirement benefits, which they will be able to claim through their local social security office, such as the various Social Security offices in Iowa. But not everything is as it seems, as some apparently choose to work not for financial issues but for stimulation and a want to work as the following survey shows.

Nearly half (47%) of today’s retirees say they either have worked or plan to work during their retirement. But an even greater percentage (72%) of pre–retirees age 50+ say they want to keep working after they retire, and in the near future it will become increasingly unusual for retirees not to work.” Even when many people move into senior living living communities, they choose to keep working in many instances.

Crash Course in How to Look at Franchising Correctly!

Franchises are today’s hottest entrepreneurial opportunity – provided you know what you’re doing. Let’s say that you are seriously looking into buying a franchise. But you may be asking how to franchise my business? This is not an easy question since there are more than 3,100 franchise concepts to choose from. Most people, I have found, regardless of how intelligent or experienced they may be in other businesses, don’t have a clue about how to go about investigating franchise opportunities – or – begin with a host of misconceptions and incorrect assumptions.


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